Product introduction

Store introduction

History of Beniya

Beniya’s history dates back to the early Edo period (1616). We have been opened in Fujieda Inn town on the Tokaido road since that time.
Until recently, previous owners have called the shop Beniya Kyuemon.
The exact foundation date was not certain because records were burned. It is said that our shop was a purveyor to the lord of Tanaka-jo castle and regarded as a high class Japanese confectionery shop.


Beniya’s policy/tradition

We have made and sold handmade Japanese confections, keeping our traditional methods, such as making bean pastes by hand and only using red beans grown in Hokkaido.
We have a variety of confections which go well with green tea, such as Chojyugaki, YajiKita Manjyu named after a travel story on the Tokaido road, Fujiikuchiyo named after a traditional Japanese poem about the origin of Fujieda city. Our confections feature the regional characteristics of Fujieda city.
We also have several kinds of Dorayaki which is one of our specialties and a western confection Mitrashi Pound made by a local Japanese confectionary shop.
Some tools to make traditional Japanese confections are exhibited in the shop. Please come and take a look at them.

cyojyugaki handmade


Open hours:8:30 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m.
Closed on:Wednesdays

1-9, 4-Chome Fujieda, Fujieda City, SHIZUOKA

The parking lot is next to Kamouma Koban in the opposite direction.