• Yajikita Manju

    Yajikita Manju (sweet bean-paste bun)

    6 pieces

    Miso Manju (miso-paste buns) and Saka Manju (sake-flavored buns) are perfect sovenirs of your trip in Fujieda, a historical inn town, on the Tokaido Road.
    Yaji and kita are the characters of the book “Tokaidoucyu Hizakurige ” written by Jyuppensha Ikku. He was a popular writer in the late Edo Period.
    Since this confection was named after them, Jyuppensha Ikku’s descendants donated his pestle to our shop. He carried it because he loved grated Japanese mountain potato and used the pestle to stir the grated mountain potato. It is exhibited in our shop.

  • Fujiikuchiyo

    Fujiikuchiyo - unique sweets in Fujieda

    5 pieces

    The sweet bean-paste buns were named after the wish for the permanent flourish of wisteria (called Fuji in Japanese) trees and Fujieda City.
    The powder of wisteria flowers are sprinkled on the buns.

  • Mitarashi Pound

    Mitarashi Pound - western confection by a long-established Japanese confectionery shop

    This is a Beniya’s nostalgic, but new western confection.
    The pound cake is baked in accordance with the recipe made in the Showa Period and Mitarashi flavored Yokan is on the top.
    Mitarashi Yokan is made mainly of white beans, sugar, soy sauce, and agar-agar.