Kotobukizanmai series

  • Cyojyugaki


    3 pieces

    Cyojyu means a long life and kaki means persimmon.
    The confection was named after Tokugawa Ieyasu shogun who lived a long life in the Edo period.
    During the Sekigahara war in 1600, a man named Tohachi presented persimmons to Tokugawa Ieyasu who was attacking Tanaka-jo castle with his warriors.
    The persimmons were named Tohachi because they were very tasty.
    Emulating Tohachi persimmons, it is made of a dried persimmon stuffed with a white bean paste. The persimmons are called “Ichidagaki” grown in Nagano.

  • Ichijyu


    3 pieces

    We started selling Ichijyu when white figs were still very rare.
    Fig is Ichijiku in Japanese. The last letter ‘ku’ means pain in English.
    So we took out the last letter ‘ku’ (pain) and added a letter ‘jyu’ which means happiness in Japanese. Our white figs are filled with sweet red bean paste.
    You can enjoy the popping texture of the figs with poppy seeds.

  • Anjyu


    3 pieces

    It is made of a whole big apricot filled with chunky sweet red bean paste.
    Chopped apricots are included in the paste. The apricots taste sour and the red bean paste tastes sweet, which creates a special taste.
    We associate the confection with the image of a graceful and elegant woman who looks fragile, but has an inner fortitude. The confection is coated with agar-agar to make it shine.