Dorayaki・Nagasaki Kasutera

  • Dorayaki

    Teyaki Dorayaki・Matcha Dorayaki
    Green tea Dorayaki・Sakura

    Dorayaki (two small round cakes filled with a sweet bean paste)
    Four types of Dorayaki.

    1. Teyaki Dorayaki
      filled with chunky red bean paste. *baked
    2. Matcha Dorayaki
      The cakes are made with matcha (powdered green tea) and filled with smooth red bean paste. *steamed
    3. Green tea Dorayaki
      The cakes are made with matcha (powdered green tea) and filled with smooth red bean paste. *baked
    4. Sakura
      filled with pickled cherry leaves and a white bean paste. *steamed

    We also have limited seasonal dorayaki
    You can enjoy choosing which kind to eat.
    We make all kinds of dorayaki using our traditional method.
    Each dorayaki cake is hand baked at Beniya.
    The confections are ideal as a small gift and sweet treats for children.

  • Cold Dorayaki

    Cold Dorayaki

    We offer delicious cold dorayaki.
    You can eat it in a warm room in winter or on hot days in summer.
    Two types of Cold Dorayaki

    1. Fresh cream Dorayaki
      The texture of the dorayaki with fresh cream filling is like ice cream.
      You can enjoy the fluffy skin of dorayaki even when it’s cold.
    2. Kyuemon (butter cream and smooth sweet bean paste)
      Anko (sweet red bean paste) is indispensable for Japanese confections.
      The dorayaki cakes are sandwiched together by anko and butter cream.
      We are sure that you’ll feel satisfied with the volume and deliciousness.

    *Gift boxes are available upon your request.

  • Nagasaki Kasutera

    Nagasaki Kasutera

    1 box

    The Nagasaki Kasutera and its basic ingredients, sugar, flour and starch syrup has its origins in Portuguese cakes.
    The big difference from sponge cakes is that the kasutera doesn’t include butter. The kasutera’s moist texture comes from maltose syrup and sugar.
    Please enjoy the moist and fluffy texture of the kasutera and the crunchy texture of the coarse sugar at the bottom of the kasutera.